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  • We are committed to systems change.
  • KTP is a trusted source of unbiased information.
  • We prioritize compassionate + respectful resources.
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Our Work:

all voices deserve
to be heard.

Many people with mental health conditions are forced into oppressive situations and settings, often due to circumstances and systems that fall outside their control.

KTP staff + advocates are focused on ensuring equal access for all community members to compassionate, trauma-informed mental health services, supports, and housing.

We provide needed education, resources, and training to maximize the impact of state funding for services that will save the lives of our community members.

KTP makes a difference by preventing restrictive practices while expanding the services and supports delivered by people who know and have personally experienced recovery.”

– Marcia DuFore, former KTP Chair

advocacy for systems change:

the information you need.

educational fact sheets:

Peer-Run Respite
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A peer-run respite is a voluntary, community-based crisis support program. CT currently has none. This needs to change!

Car with writing on it that says: "Pay Attention Lamont. Fix Husky C Now!! Honk for Health Care."

CT’s Medicaid program for people with disabilities & older adults has the lowest eligibility limits. Help fix that!

Peer Reimbursement
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compassionate mental health resources

Mental Health + Crisis Resources
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Housing Services
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Legal Services
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LGBTQ+ Resources
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trainings for advocates:

Advocacy Essentials
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Speak your truth and learn how to use personal experiences + storytelling to advocate for change.

Legislative Essentials
Filling out documents.

The legislative process can feel complex & overwhelming. Learn how it works, in simple terms.

Leadership Essentials
Two men discussing voting essentials.

Your leadership is essential to our work. Learn organizing skills and how to grow your advocacy + impact.

Voting Essentials
Woman in wheelchair voting.

Learn why voting matters and what accommodations are available for people with disabilities.

What would you tell a friend about KTP?

What would you tell a friend about KTP?

“If you want to get involved in mental health advocacy in Connecticut, you need to be connected to Keep the Promise Coalition.”

– Kathy Flaherty


What makes KTP different?

What makes KTP different?

“KTP values us as human beings and fights for us to be treated the same as everyone else.”

– Karen Healy


What led you to work with Keep the Promise (KTP)?

What led you to work with Keep the Promise (KTP)?

“KTP is a safe space for anyone looking to take their first step into exploring advocacy, either for or beyond themselves.”

– Danielle Hubley


How would you describe KTP?

How would you describe KTP?

“KTP is a resource hub and a peer support network. Doing whatever it takes to help people effectively use their voice to improve the mental health system in Connecticut.”

– Kathy Flaherty


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