• we are advocates.

    Group of KTP members speaking at a rally.
  • we are people.

    Woman in wheelchair speaking at a podium at a rally.
  • we are a community.

    Group of people protesting and holding signs at a rally.
Our Focus:

building power for human rights.

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Since 1999, Keep the Promise has worked to improve Connecticut’s mental health system by protecting the rights of all people who require provided services. We strengthen voices, share lived experiences, and build the leadership needed to create change and affect policies on all levels. 

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Our Work:

advocacy and action for Connecticut’s mental health across the lifespan.

what we do:

Group of people at a rally, man holding a megaphone.

We are advocates. KTP is Connecticut’s leading, community-driven voice on mental health. We organize our community to disrupt power and speak up for our needs. We act together against oppression. We demand justice.

how you can help:

Group of people having a discussion.

We are people. Each of us has a powerful story to tell. Being a part of improving CT’s mental health system can be as simple as sharing your individual experience with decision-makers and policy-shapers. You deserve the opportunity to be heard.

who we are:

Two KTP members hugging at a rally.

We are a community. KTP is a grassroots group of advocates with lived experience, working to ensure that a comprehensive & compassionate mental health system is provided for people of all ages and needs.

cómo ayudamos:

Group of friends laughing together.

hablamos su idioma. La salud mental no tiene un solo idioma ni una sola cultura. Trabajaremos con usted para construir un sistema de salud mental inclusivo, accesible y que respete nuestros derechos.

Tony Dyous

What makes Keep The Promise different?

“People like me don’t get heard, but KTP is my voice. They always welcome me and advocate for my needs. I feel valued by them.”

– Tony Dyous


Danielle Hubley

What led you to work with Keep the Promise?

“KTP is a safe space for anyone looking to take their first step into exploring advocacy, either for or beyond themselves.”

– Danielle Hubley


Tom Burr

What makes Keep The Promise different?

“With their cry of ‘Nothing about us without us!’ KTP is an active and reliable advocate for change at the CT General Assembly.”

– Tom Burr


Karen Healy

How would you describe Keep The Promise?

“KTP is a safe place for survivors to share their stories. KTP fights to make sure we are heard.”

– Karen Healy